LET WOMEN LEAD shall support Women Leaders who:
  1. Possess sound moral character, with no history of corruption or of being beholden to interest groups or corrupt politicians.
  2. Are consistent in their adherence to Democracy and the Rule of Law; to preserving and defending the constitution (1) and in asserting our sovereignty and independent foreign policy.
  3. Are committed to fully implement the mandate of social justice and human rights as the “Heart” (2) of our constitution; who have the poor as the center of our development by equitably diffusing wealth and political power for the common good.(3)
  4. Have proven competence, whether in government, in the private sector, or in civil society, with a track record on addressing problems.
  5. Do not come from a political dynasty and who advocate the passage of an anti-dynasty law applicable to all elections, including the Party-List System.

1. Art. VII, Sec. 8 – Oath of Office of the President, Philippine Constitution
2. As said by former Associate Justice and President of the 1986 Constitutional Commission, Cecilia Munoz Palma, one of the best examples of women in national leadership
3. Art VIII, Sec. 1, Philippine Constitution