The Audited Financial Statement of AWARE, the NGO that launched the Let Women Lead movement in September 2020, is now available for download. You can access the file below.

LET WOMEN LEAD is a fundraising initiative of AWARE, which aims to level the playing field for deserving female leaders who may not possess the funding or machinery to mount significant election campaigns. As of February 7, 2022, LET WOMEN LEAD will be concentrating on projects for women leaders at the barangay level, starting with a pilot project in two or three barangays.


Perhaps the question should be “Why NOT Women?” Women possess many positive traits that many world leaders should have. Women are nurturing, helpful, and compassionate. Women have integrity and they serve as pillars of society. Women build bridges, they reach out, they make timely connections. These are the qualities we are looking for in our future female leaders.

You may be saying to yourself, surely there are men who possess these traits. Why is this initiative excluding deserving male candidates? Truthfully, we would be happy if our elected leaders have these traits, regardless of gender. However, the goal of this initiative is to level the playing field for women. Women comprise roughly 50% of the total population, and yet only 20-23% of elected officials are female. Our goal is to help balance out this discrepancy, by giving deserving female candidates a fighting chance in the Philippine elections.  


LET WOMEN LEAD is looking for female leaders who embody the following ideals: 

  • Possess sound moral character
  • Consistent in their adherence to Democracy and the Rule of Law
  • Committed to fully implement the mandate of social justice and human rights as the “Heart” of our constitution
  • Have proven competence, either in government or in other fields
  • Do not come from a political dynasty


  • A committee will determine which of the female candidates running in the election meet the criteria set by the initiative above.
  • The same committee will also determine how the collected funds will be allocated, based on the positions the various female candidates are running for.

Patak-patak: Every Peso Counts

“This is a message for all those who are unhappy with the way our country is being governed but believe that there is hope for the Philippines. And also believe that YOU have the power to work for change. 

…elections will give us a chance to change our country, but we must translate our hope and faith into action, and make sure our voices are heard.

What we want is to work with leaders who embody the ideals of good governance, with eight characteristics: it is participatory, consensus-oriented, transparent, accountable, responsive, effective and efficient, equitable and inclusive, and follows the rule of law.

That mouthful essentially means that corruption is minimized, the voices of the most vulnerable are heard in decision-making, and the minority views are taken into account. Does that resonate with you? Do we want those leaders? We not only want them, we need them. So we have to ensure that they are elected.

How do we do that?”

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