AWARE (Alliance of Women for Action Towards REform) was founded in September 1983, an offshoot of Senator Ninoy Aquino’s assassination and the resulting general public revulsion against what they perceived to be the Marcos government’s cowardly role in it.

The group immediately got involved in the dozens of anti-Marcos demonstrations that took place and gained public recognition when they organized the highly successful Women’s March in 1984 and held prayer rallies in front of the houses of the members of the Agrava Commission  which was tasked to investigate the assassination of Ninoy Aquino..

AWARE has had many contributions to the public discourse on key issues  especially  on corruption; the environment;  education, and women’s involvement in the life of the nation.   No branch of government has been spared from its scrutiny and its clamor for reform.  Its membership includes women who have served various Presidents in Cabinet and sub-Cabinet positions; an ambassador; a famous artist; a media icon; a college president; a corporate president; a head of an international organization and leaders of non-government organizations. 

AWARE’s advocacies have been undertaken, keeping in mind that the future belongs to their members’ children and grandchildren.  It is recruiting younger members to carry its legacy far into the future.      

Primary Purposes

  1. To awaken women to an awareness of their potential and strengths as a political, economic, socio-cultural, and moral force.
  2. To help women develop their strengths and apply them effectively towards building a nation within the framework of love, peace and democracy.
  3. To train women leaders in good governance, civic duties, and leadership to enable them to take important and responsible roles in their respective communities.
  4. To enter into public-private partnerships to be able to work effectively with government agencies, non-government organizations, foundations and other partners to achieve AWARE’s goals.
  5. To work in education to include modules in educating and training women in preparation for leadership in society.
  6. To advocate for positive change in society to help the Philippines reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals. (SDGs 2015-2030). Since climate change and environmental issues are urgent concerns going forward, these will be addressed by AWARE among its priority projects.
  7. To take a long-term view on women empowerment in the political arena. AWARE’s support for qualified women leaders will go far beyond the 2022 elections.